Colored Mulch for Landscaping  Mulch Colors (clockwise from the top) Black, Coffee, Brown, Dark Hardwood, Natural, Cedar, Utility

Wood mulch from Tri-Point Tree & Landscaping is double ground and made locally by our team. We always use quality wood and guarantee never to use treated lumber, creosote posts or trash in this process.

Natural, Dyed and Cedar Mulch are available year round and available by delivery only.


||Utility Mulch (Single Ground): $20/cubic yard

||Natural Mulch: $25/cubic yard

||Dark Hardwood Mulch: $28/cubic yard
This is our most natural mulch made from hardwoods. It is dye-free and gets it’s dark color from the aging process.

||Dyed Mulch: $35/cubic yard (available colors: brown, coffee or black)
The mulch dye that we use at Tri-Point is environmentally friendly, and it is safe for both kids and pets.

||Fresh Cedar Mulch: $35/cubic yard

||Delivery: FREE
We’ll deliver 8 to 90 cubic yards of mulch for free if it is within 20 miles of our shop; this includes all of Lincoln. Ask for delivery pricing on orders over 20 miles away. $50 charge for mulch delivery of less than 8 cubic yards.

||Mulch Installation: $35/cubic yard

||Dirt available: $18/cubic yard